Top 5 Largest Sharks Caught

In this episode, we recall the Top Five largest sharks ever caught on BlacktipH. Number Five was a massive bull shark I pulled up while fishing for amberjacks on a deep wreck. This shark was 9’7″ and weighed more than 600lbs! Number four was a shortfin mako shark that I caught fishing in 80ft of water off Tampa Bay. This mako shark was over 10 feet long and weighed between 600-700lbs. Number three was a huge hammerhead shark that I helped my buddy Dan catch off the beach. This shark measured over 13ft and weighed over 700lbs. Number Two was the first grander (1000+lb) shark ever filmed on the show. It was a massive 14ft, 1000lb tiger shark. Number One was the 14’7″ hammerhead shark I caught with the world-famous golfer, Greg Norman. This shark was truly massive, weighing over 1200lbs!

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