Technique Tools Fishing | Unbelievable Fishing With Eggs & Pepsi Catch Fishes From Deep Hole

Hi All My Dear Friends! Thank for your time watching to my video. Yes, I know that the video is not believable. All videos have planned to make it for entertainment. Do not repeat this action at your home. The video is not promoting to repeat it. About this video: 1. Actor: He is 24 years old. He has trained well to be our actor. 2. Fishes: We bough fishes from market 2Kg everyday to make video. 3. Eggs: Duck eggs bought from market 4. Pepsi: Pepsi is a soft drink. The Pepsi can not hurt the fishes. Q. How do the fishes come out from hole? A. We have our team to put and push fishes at the other side of the hole. if we do not push, the fishes will not come out and we can not make a better video. I know some kind of this video is not good for you to watch but I really appreciated for your understanding our heart that we want to make you happy. Sorry if this video make you upset but please advice us instead of unlike or hate speech.

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