SNAKEHEAD (Catch Clean Cook) Florida’s Most INVASIVE Species! Shocking Results!

In this catch, clean and cook video we show you how to catch snakehead for the first time! Bullseye snakehead is a highly invasive species in South Florida. This aquarium fish was released into our canal system in the year 2000 where it was first documented. Exotic fish species that can only be caught in Florida. Bullseye snakehead fish is an aggressive ambush predator that feeds primarily on small fish and crayfish, but also eats a wide variety of prey including frogs, turtles, toads, lizards, snakes, and insects.Tutorial on how to fillet snakehead and how to clean snakehead. We used a blackened snakehead fish recipe! The end result will shock you! Bullseye snakehead is excellent tablefare. Products used are listed down below. ⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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