SNAKE in Cooler! A SPOOKY Fishing Catch N Cook

Yes, we do end up with a snake in the cooler! Caitlyn does not like snakes and this snake surprised us! What a spooky start to our 2019 Halloween! This whole fishing trip was a little Spooky. Big waves and a snake in cooler made this a spooky fishing trip. That is scary for the lady! BUT… this spooky fishing trip was still a catch n cook! Spoiler ALERT: It’s a yellowtail snapper sashimi catch n cook and we are doing our spooky fishing on the key largo patch reefs. Yes yes we are patch reef fishing off key largo! This could have been a 2019 halloween snake catch n cook now that I think about it. But i’m glad we went patch reef fishing and this is a yellowtail snapper sashimi catch n cook instead hah Yellowtail snapper sashimi is actually super super good. It’s a very soft and white meat and is a great snapper to eat raw. It’s fun to catch yellowtail snapper when patch reef fishing off key largo. This Halloween on the south florida fishing channel things get spooky, we carve a pumpkin and eat some candy. Even the black cat Captain Elliot Kitty eats some raw yellowtail sashimi. It’s a fishing catch n cook the whole family is part of! The fishing itself wasn’t really spooky but it was a little scary fishing due to the big waves. We didn’t go offshore due to scary big waves. So instead of fishing in huge waves offshore we stay on the key largo patch reefs where it’s not such scary fishing. Anyways, no need to make things more scary while fishing! Things are spooky enough with a snake in cooler and it being the 2019 Halloween day! I hope you enjoyed this SNAKE in Cooler! A SPOOKY Fishing Catch N Cook Fishing episode on the South Florida Fishing Channel where we go fishing on the Key Largo patch reefs. Please leave a like and comment to show your support. Thank you! #Fishing#Halloween#Spooky

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