Recycle Bait Fishing Challenge

In this episode of BlacktipH, I go fishing for monster Goliath groupers using old freezer bait in the first ever Recycle Bait Fishing Challenge! I started this challenge with Ryan Nitz by attempting to remove the frozen bait from my freezer. This task proved to be quite tricky! After using multiple tools and scraping ice, we managed to pry the bait out of the freezer. Our recycled baits included: cownose rays, cobia, and blackfin tuna. The first step of the Recycle Bait Fishing Challenge was complete! The next step was to catch some monster fish using our recycled baits! We used a massive hook rigged to cable and rope to catch the giant Goliath groupers. The groupers were very aggressive and were feeding on the surface of the water! We managed to catch one goliath grouper before a huge storm delayed our fishing challenge. Once the storm passed, we drove back offshore and started fishing again. We caught and released a bunch of goliath groupers and completed the Recycle Bait Fishing Challenge!

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