Multi Bait Shark Fishing Challenge

In this episode of BlacktipH, I go fishing with my buddy Corey and our mission is to attempt the multi-bait shark fishing challenge. We began the day using a croaker for blacktip sharks. Corey got the first bite of the day and after being hooked up for the first few seconds, the hook popped off. I put on a catfish for the next bait in the challenge. I hooked up after a while and fought the shark for a few minutes before it also popped the hook. So far we were 0/2 today. Corey hooked up to a small blue runner and reeled it in. We ended up splitting the runner in half and both using it for bait. After a few minutes, I was hooked up to a blacktip shark again! We fought the shark for about twenty minutes before landing it. It weighed about seventy pounds. The last bait used was a sand perch. I put it on and left it up to Corey to watch while I flew the drone. Corey hooked up for the last bite of the day on the sand perch! It was a nice sixty-pound blacktip shark, and we completed the multi-species bait challenge!

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