Monster Yellowfin Tuna!!

In this episode of BlacktipH, I go fishing in Louisiana for giant Yellowfin Tuna! The first task that we had to complete was to catch bait for tuna fishing. On our way to the oil rigs, we found a massive school of threadfin herring. We caught a bunch of herring and filled our live wells. We proceeded to drive the Tideline boat further offshore and decided to stop at a buoy. I saw a cobia swimming near the buoy and quickly pitched a bait. The cobia didn’t hesitate and inhaled the herring. After a short fight, blake gaffed the 25-30lb cobia. Our first fix was in the box. After catching several more fish, we continued our journey offshore to the tuna grounds. On the way to the oil rig that holds tuna, Casey noticed a floating tree. There were thousands of fish swimming underneath the tree and also two big mahi (dolphin fish). I caught one of the dolphin fish; the other one got away. We noticed some marks on the sonar beneath the tree. I dropped down a vertical jig and hooked a wahoo. After several screaming runs, I managed to capture the wahoo. At this point, I had caught three of the best-eating fish in the world: wahoo, cobia, and dorado. We continued our adventure to the tuna oil rig. Once we got to the oil platform, the sonar was marking a lot of fish! Within a few hours, one of the reels started screaming! It was a monster tuna! After a 45-minute fight, I caught the biggest tuna of my life, a 121lb yellowfin tuna.

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