Miso Sea Bass

Quick and clean buttery miso sea bass recipe, sweet flavor of miso and barely charred flavor goes perfectly.

Miso Sea Bass
Miso Sea Bass


2 MSC-Certified Chilean Sea Bass fillets (2 fillets = ½ lb) (See Notes)
2 Tbps sake (for cleaning the fish)
¼ cup miso (I used awase miso (mixed miso), see Notes)
¼ cup mirin
1 Tbsp sake


Gather all the ingredients.

Miso Chilean Sea Bass Ingredients

Clean the fish with a paper towel soaked with 2 Tbsp. sake.
Miso Chilean Sea Bass 1
In an airtight container that would fit the fish, combine all the Seasonings.
Miso Chilean Sea Bass 2
Mix well and make sure miso is all dissolved.
Miso Chilean Sea Bass 3

Marinade the meat overnight.
Miso Chilean Sea Bass 4
Take out the fish from the container and make sure to remove the miso from the fish completely. The tiny bit of miso will end up burning so you have to take off the miso from the fish.
Bake at 400F for 20-25 minutes (I use oven toaster), or until the fish is cooked through and have nice char on the fish.
Chilean sea bass: In this recipe could be replaced with striped bass, Pacific halibut or sablefish (black cod).

Miso: Please use awase miso (mixed miso) or white miso for this recipe.

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