Look what we found in this balloon! Hillbilly Fishing

Look what we found in this abandoned wall by the road, SEE THAT !!! Bait fishing with natural bait is always a surprise box, you never know what can happen when fishing with bamboo rod catfish.

Never underestimate an abandoned roadside ditch, because you might have a big surprise just like we had in that root fishery, in every throw was a fish at the end of the fisherman’s line.

After a week I was there in the wall clearing and clearing the bushes, I came back in the ditch to do that old-fashioned fishing, using bait to worm, and I was surprised because we were fishing Caborja or Tamoatá as it is known here, when suddenly catch a fish that we are in doubt is it a mandi or catfish? for us here is a mandi fish.

Ohh little wallon to have many species of fish, We were impressed because we had already made a trait fishing in that same wall, where we caught many traíras and muçum, only this time we fished other different fish that we never imagined to find in this trench.

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