Injured Sea Lion Pup Jumps Onto Boat in California

This is the heartbreaking moment an injured sea lion nicknamed Amber swims straight up to boat off the Californian coast in seek of urgent help. The sea lion, which had apparently been attacked by something in the water and was starving, was filmed swimming up to and jumping onto a boat near Laguna Beach in Orange County. “Amber swam directly for our boat and came aboard without hesitation. “If she bites, there is a chance of bacteria (or) disease but she was as friendly as a stray dog. She was desperate,” says filmer Hugo Zusho. Zusho and his friends on the boat took Amber straight to the Pacific Marine Mammal Centre in Laguna Beach to get her the help she needed. The footage has recently emerged online. ++ Clients please note the music is ROYALTY FREE by ++

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