How to tie a Combi Hinged stiff rig – Carp rigs – By Angling Iron

Learn how to tie this great variation of the Hinged stiff rig. using bristle filament, coated braid and the Mahin knot. Watch in HD as Angling Iron show you the knots and components used to tie this very effective carp fishing rig. What tools you’ll need – Scissors, Knot puller, Coated braid stripping tool, Lighter, Pliers What Components you’ll need – Bristle/Chod filament, A coated braid (preferably stiff coated braid) Chod hooks and a bait screw/micro swivel/Rig ring. To buy Components for this rig, including the incredibly sharp and strong Duropoint Chod hooks and bait screws featured in my page

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