GRABBING a SHARK! and the BEST EVER how to cook HOGFISH recipe {Catch N Cook}

Yes I end up grabbing a shark. It’s just a nurse shark and it was quite a friendly shark. When spearfishing for hogfish or spearfishing in generally you’re always technically swimming with sharks. Sharks are always around us when fishing. That’s the Florida Keys for you! In fact, that’s pretty much anywhere in Florida for you. Sharks are everywhere in Florida, even in the rivers you will find many sharks including the bull shark. In this fishing episode we go to Big Pine Key here in the Florida keys with Joe. The goal is to dive for lobster and spearfish hogfish. Not to be confused with Hog Snapper, haha you’ll see why that’s funny calling them hog snapper in the catch n cook part of this how to cook hogfish video. I end up spearfishing a hogfish. Joe also can catch a hogfish. I do manage to also spearfish a mangrove snapper. Now it’s time to cook hogfish. This will be the best ever how to cook hogfish catch and cook video you ever see. Joe have me this hogfish recipe and it’s the best hogfish recipe I have ever hard. In fact, if you want to know how to cook fish. This is the best fish recipe and the best way to cook fish. I bet this best ever fish recipe would also be good with shark. Now that i’m grabbing a shark it’s probably time to do a best ever shark catch and cook episode too. If you can go swimming with sharks you should be able to cook shark in the very best way ever. It’s always a good time in the Florida Keys and even better time on the South Florida Fishing Channel. I know I didn’t spend too much time on how to catch hogfish but this cooking fishing episode is really about how to cook hogfish. I recommenced this hogfish recipe to anyone looking for the best fish recipe and want to try something new. The best ever fish recipe is good on any white fish. I bet it would be amazing with snapper, cobia, wahoo or any fish. If you don’t know how to cook fish then this easy fishing cooking video should show you how to cook fish in a easy way. PS: you don’t have to do the grabbing a shark part before you cook fish =) I hope you enjoyed this GRABBING a SHARK and the BEST EVER how to cook HOGFISH recipe Catch N Cook Fishing slash cooking episode on the South Florida Fishing Channel where we go fishing on the Key Largo patch reefs. Please leave a like and comment to show your support. Thank you!

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