By now I think just about everybody in the world knows about Piranhas and how dangerous they are. From Movies, to documentaries, and gazillions of youtube videos, there is no lack of evidence supporting the deadly reality of this fish. They can attack in a pack of 100 and are also known to eat children. That’s why it was kind of scary to hear Steve Townson, from Amazon-Angler, tell me climate change and warmer river water may be causing them to grow bigger. This was just something I had to see for myself. It wasn’t easy, but after overcoming a few obstacles, we managed to get to the area where Steve said he was noticing bigger Piranhas… and no sooner did we get there than Steve had a Piranha on his line. Steve: Hey look at that… You think you have seen big Piranha, well take a look at this puppy… That is absolutely huge…. Is that a black Piranha… yes that is a black piranha and he weighs 7.5 pounds. Now as a general rule, Black Piranhas are always larger than the more popular red belly Piranhas. The world record for a black piranha is just over 8 lbs or almost 4 kilos, but normally, anglers catch them in the 3 to 4 pound range which is about 1 and half to two kilos. To give you an idea how big this piranha is , I am going to compare it to a regular size Red Belly With a biting power 3 times that of a crocodile, this not something you want getting any bigger… but over the next hour Steve caught 4 more piranha’s all over 7 lbs! And that my friends brings me to the question of the day, Do you think global climate change is real and impacting wildlife in ways we don’t understand? Or do you think climate change is just a myth. Let me know your opinion in the comment section below…

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