Food Chain Fishing Challenge 2 – Tiny Crabs to Giant Eagle Ray

In this episode, I started fishing with a rake to catch tiny crabs (sand fleas) and used them as bait to catch a giant stingray in the Food Chain Challenge from land! I started this challenge by searching for sand fleas on the beach. In my first several scoops with my rake, I caught at least 20 massive sand fleas. I also managed to find a big crab. My final scoop was nothing short of epic; I must have caught over 60 giant sand fleas! The first step of the Food Chain Challenge was complete! The next step was to catch a fish using the sand fleas as bait. I placed two sand fleas on my BlacktipH surf fishing rig, threw it out and waited for a bite. While I was waiting for a fish to bite, Davis and I noticed considerable explosions in the water about 500 yards south of the fishing rods. I ran down the beach with a lure and threw a cast in the chaos. Instantly, I was hooked up! I managed to catch two jack crevalles; keeping one for bait and releasing the other. Shortly after we got a bite on the surf rod – it was a saltwater catfish, the next step in the food chain! The second step of the Food Chain Challenge was complete! The next step was to catch a monster using the catfish as bait. I placed a strip of catfish on my hook and dropped it down. After a few minutes, a monster Eagle Ray swam up and ate the bait! This Eagle Ray took over with speed! I fought this fish for nearly 20 minutes before finally being able to land it on the beach. The Food Chain Challenge was complete!

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