Floating Debris Fishing Challenge

In this episode, I search the ocean for fish under floating debris in the Floating Debris Fishing Challenge. The first floating debris we discovered was a small floating bamboo stick. There were a few little fish swimming under the bamboo stick. I tossed my bait at the bamboo, and immediately one of the small fish started to eat the bait. I caught the first in this challenge, a small triggerfish. We continued to drive further offshore and discovered a large piece of bamboo floating in 900ft of water. There were hundreds of fish swimming around this piece of bamboo. There were several large tripletail fish swimming around the debris. I managed to catch two large tripletail and three dolphin fish (mahi-mahi) off the bamboo stick. We continued driving and found a large rope floating on the surface. There were hundreds of even bigger fish on this piece of debris! I managed to catch two more large tripletail on the rope to fill our limit. I also dropped a vertical jig down and caught the smallest wahoo I’ve ever seen! Shortly after, I noticed a huge dolphin fish swimming around the rope. I pitched a live bait at the mahi, and it quickly attacked it. Unfortunately, the dolphin fish spit the hook. We then brought the fish back to the dock, cleaned, and cooked them.

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