Defeated by Giant Amberjacks – ft. LakeForkGuy & HookandArrow – 4K

n this BlacktipH episode, Josh is targeting giant amberjacks with Justin from LakeForkGuy and JT from Hook and Arrow. We headed offshore to a deep shipwreck in 200+ft of water off the coast of Florida. As soon as we got to the wreck, we started marking fish. Once hooked, amberjacks will swim straight to the shipwreck and break you off. If the amberjacks don’t break you off in the shipwreck, the next challenge is to avoid the sharks. There were many hungry bull sharks on this wreck! We hooked over 20 amberjacks and lost everyone either to the shipwreck or the sharks. We tried using live bait with heavy drag on a conventional reel, but we ran out of bait before we could land a fish. At the end of the day, Josh hooked up to a big Mahi and avoided the skunk. **BEFORE YOU TALK CRITICIZE, READ THIS** We are fishing a shipwreck in 230ft of water with a 4-6mph current. There are lots of sharks on this wreck that eat the amberjacks. Once we hook up to an amberjack, they immediately swim towards the shipwreck for safety (thus breaking our line). Giant bull sharks immediately start chasing the amberjack the moment you hook it. We have to fish very heavy drag to prevent the fish from swimming into the wreck. We have to retrieve line as fast as possible to prevent the sharks from eating the amberjack. This is a very challenging environment to land fish.

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