Deep Water Swordfish | Catch N Cook

In this episode of BlacktipH, we went fishing offshore to catch deep water swordfish in over 1500ft of water! This was our first swordfish trip on the new Tideline boat. We hooked our first swordfish within 10 minutes of dropping our first bait. We landed the sword quickly; it was a smaller fish. We decided to release the swordfish and try for a bigger one! We reset our drift and deployed a new bait. To our surprise, when we reeled up the bait, two squids were trying to eat it. After several hours and several drifts later, we hooked our second swordfish. This fish was larger than the first. After a short fight, Frank threw the harpoon, and we caught the fish. We harvested this swordfish for a “Catch N Cook”. We brought the swordfish to Hooker Electric’s headquarters and smoked the meat. We brined the swordfish for 48 hours, marinated it for another 24 hours, and then smoked it for 8 hours.

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