Catching a carp on fast. Fishing Donkey on the river.

How to quickly catch a carp:
Although it is tormenting the constant itch about Seversky Donets, but in the heat I won’t go there until I go …
And then there is the occasional comrade also going to the Uda. Since it’s not possible for us to fish nearby: I’m bothering him with my constantly gurgling feeder, he has a non-tough, ridiculous, curiosity about the English donkee, considers it a “children’s fishing rod”, not even suspecting that my feeder’s test surpasses almost every one of his “dryuk”: smt003
We’ll have to immediately disappoint fans of feeder fishing, it simply was not in this fishing …
 Already knowing from my own experience, in order to quickly catch a carp, one must climb into the wilds where no one has gone for a long time:

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 Around the bushes and trees intertwined with our wild hops lianami. Due to the abundance of coastal vegetation near the river, it is impossible to be in the heat and stuffiness, but this is our summer, and the fishing plan.
 The river makes a turn of ninety degrees, thus the water made a small depression in this place, and at the exit, around the turn, a lot of trees that fell into the water accumulated;

One donku threw under the snags, the second, higher before the turn on an even. With the feeder, there was practically no where to sit, and there was no shade on the shore after dinner.
 I decided to rest a bit until the evening and drink tea, I did not have time to finish the cup of tea, as a strong and sharp bite occurs on the donk. Although the fishing rod was seven measures from me behind a bush, but I did not have time, the carp climbed into the dam. Surprisingly, the carp came from there to bring

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and safely make in podsak.
And this happened no more than an hour from the start of fishing. Different thoughts began to spin in my head.
With such cool and biting frequency, it will be fun.
What to do with overfishing?
-that I will take off, I will not take off and hide, I will release something to the camera: wink: plans are no worse than those of Barbarossa …
 And to be honest, a powerful hunt has already disappeared, trying hard to catch, because the norm is practically fulfilled by one fish.
The mood has practically gone down: the video has been taken off with a full swing, the whole script has gone downhill: how do I fight during the day with wise carts, trying to outwit them and calculate their paths. In the finale of fishing, a long-awaited and powerful bite occurs, Vadyusha Gero- poses with a trophy in front of the camera.
Scenario number 2: accurate throws, feeder feeder, I cover a glade at the bottom of the river from the pea. Having posed a big pea on a thin leash, the thick-cheeked carp poses again in front of the camera …
 The whole situation was saved by the companionship of my friend.

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Because of the emotional evening gatherings, I missed the evening bite, when I came to find a piece of fishing line on the donke.
The next day, that is, today there were no bites at all, as well as mosquitoes in the evening, at night, or in the morning. Here’s how biting depends on mosquitoes; no mosquitoes, no celebs.
As a nozzle and bait used peas.
From SW. Vadim.

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