Autumn departure to a small river near Moscow. Depth 2.5 meters, underwater camera in the snag. On the hook 3 worms are planted. Let’s see which fish is the first to be seduced by our bait. Different types of fish stay in snags and get their own food. This is one of the best places for chub where he spends most of the time throughout the year. It was on the bite of the lobed that I counted in the first place. But things didn’t go according to plan … The first to try a bunch of worms was the dare of a small perch, but after a second another striped sharp cast selects its prey. Noticed how all the fish immediately activated after biting? Even roach comes up to the noise and din, but it’s already too late. The sailor clutched his teeth tightly to the bodies of the worms and without a fight they would not give them to anyone! Gustera went to the lucky one and kindly asked for a piece of the worm. But the greedy perch wants to eat everything himself. The handsome chub is not very pleased with the presence of a nearby striped gang and is trying to drive them all away. However, nothing came of it and all the fish remained in their places. The big perch makes an attempt to take the tidy bait from his younger brother, comes from behind and grabs at the very tip of the worm. And he almost succeeded, but the little minke whale by some miracle still kept the prey. Our hero has brighter and clearer stripes on his body compared to the rest of the fish in the school. With every second he swallows the worm deeper and deeper. The noble chub, enraged by the proximity of a gang of bandits, does not stand up and crashes into a flock of perches. Striped bullies go away, but not for long. After 5 minutes, everyone returned. Meanwhile, our perch has completely swallowed the worm and sits firmly on the hook. A couple of chubs in love looked into the underwater bush. one of them has a deep wound on its back. Then the perch tries to get rid of the hook, shaking its head from side to side. Elder brothers immediately react to this maneuver, ready to devour it in one second, realizing that it is trapped. Finally, in the 52 minute of underwater shooting, the queen of the pike river enters snags to have lunch with a perch, who himself does not want to play the bait. The first pike attempt was unsuccessful – the striped robber managed to hide under the branches of trees. The pike comes closer, looking for a victim, and the perch is hiding somewhere in the bushes. 10 minutes pass. Feeling safe, the brave sailor goes to the open section of the river. A fatal mistake – a pike does not forgive. Striped perches can only watch helplessly watching how a freshwater shark violently cracking down on their younger brother …

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