Today you will see the TOP 20 best attacks of pikes on live bait, which I managed to photograph in the water bodies near Moscow. Fishing for girders and underwater shooting.
20th place. Powerful pike attack on crucian carp near grass. 19th place remains for the pike, which ate the roach on the beach. Pay attention to the eyes of this predator. A real shark!
In 18th place is a beauty who sweeps everything in its path.
17th place in the pike, which has imprinted crucian carp in the ground.
On the 16th place, the toothy did not leave a single chance for roach to save. Clear attack from a short distance.
15th place. Shyuronok with a lightning throw showed the crucian who is in charge here.
At the 14th place, a sharp attack by a predator in the tail. This rarely happens – when the pike has no zhora.
13th place. The only toothy attack on a gudgeon that I managed to film over the years. The pike grabbed the bait fish so quickly that even in slow-motion underwater shooting, little can be seen.
On the 12th place, an active pike on the first ice does not allow crucian carp to doze off.
11th place goes to the spotted beauty, who through her actions provoked the roach to move up. Punishment followed immediately.
TOP 10 opens the pike, which for a long time chooses whom to eat: mustard or hot melt. As a result, I settled on a larger bait
9th place. During a powerful attack, the pike almost broke my camera.
On the 8th place is the classic attack of the mistress of the reservoir from behind the shelter. Pay attention to how carefully and slowly the pike was preparing to make a throw.
7th place. Here, another predator – the striped bass by its actions provoked the pike to attack.
6th place. In the crowded snag, pike nailed the crucian carp to the bottom.
The top 5 pike attacks are opened by lightning fast bite in shallow water. Seeking salvation under the very ice, roach felt on itself all the power of pike jaws.
4th place is occupied by the largest freshwater shark that I have ever managed to photograph. And as you know, the larger the pike, the smarter and more cunning. Vast life experience helped this monster get out of the water dry.
3rd place. In the stomachs of caught pikes I often find frogs or toads. Therefore, I decided to check who the toothy chooses: a fish or a frog. Pike chose a roach, and the frog will remember this day for a long time.
2nd place. As soon as the crucian carp moved, an instant silhouette of a pike appeared in front of him. A fierce predator settled down by the lonely standing grass, choosing a convenient moment for a throw. All this action is watched by dozens of mohawks punks who, like scavengers, dream of getting at least a piece of food.
And finally 1 place. The winner of our hit parade is a terrible pike with leeches. For a long time she did not eat anything, but noticing a stranger on her territory in the person of a carp, she arranged for him to be massacred in front of thousands of small fish.
To be continued…

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