Air Fryer Fish Recipe – 5 Easy Steps of Cooking Fish With an Air Fryer

An air fryer is the satisfactory opportunity to make fish inside the quickest time and it’s miles a pretty clean choice to use on the busy schedule of time. It takes a few simple few steps to make, put together and fry it.

Air Fryer Fish Recipe – 5 Easy Steps of Cooking Fish With an Air Fryer
Air Fryer Fish Recipe – 5 Easy Steps of Cooking Fish With an Air Fryer
Required IngredientsQuantity of the Ingredients
Whitening fish fillets4-6 (cut in half)
Cornmeal¾ cup
Flour¼ cup
Old Bay2 teaspoon
Salt1 ½ teaspoon or according to your taste
Paprika1 teaspoon
Garlic powder½ teaspoon
Black pepper½ teaspoon
OilFor spray

Instructions for preparing the air fryer fish:

Firstly, cut and clean the fish pieces properly and take them in a bowl. Then, rinse and pat dry the fish fillets with paper towels but keep it a little damp.

Secondly, take a bowl to mix cornmeal, flour, old bay, salt, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper and combine them all together for fish seasoning. Shake them well in a ziplock bag and put it aside.

Thirdly, take the fish pieces one by one and place the fish fillets in the ziplock bag full with seasoning prepared earlier and shake them well until fillets are fully covered and mixed well with the seasoning.

Fourthly, place all the prepared seasoned fish fillets on a baking rack and let excess flour to fall off from the fillets. Then grease the bottom of the air fryer basket with oil and place the fillets in the basket one by one.

After that cook the fish fillets on 400 degrees for 10 minutes in the air fryer.

Finally, open the air fryer basket and spray the oil on the fish fillets on the side that is facing up in the air fryer basket. Then flip the fillets and coat that part with oil to make the fish fully coated.

Then flip and cook the fillets for 7 minutes more. After full cooking removes the fishes from the fryer and serves quickly with your favorite sauce.

Recipe Notes:

  • Anyone can use their favorite fish seasoning to innovate the air fryer fish recipe in a new way. 
  •  Cook time can vary depending on the thickness of the fish fillet.
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