94 kg and 73 kg Yellowfin off the rocks and a broken Stella 30.000!

massive yellowfin off the rocks on popper. 1 fish was 212 b (94 kg) and the other one 161 lb (73 kg). Rod is a Daiwa Saltiga GT 86 and the reel is a Stella 30.000 (which was broken after this 2 week trip) filled up with 100 lb braid. Both fish were caught on Angel Tackle Poppers. Available at: Global Tackle in Sydney. The big fish was landed just by me and my wife with only 1 gaff. Later the fish got picked up by boat. The other fish with 3 people and 2 gaffs, that´s why it looks a bit better. We carried the smaller fish back to the car and drove it back to the weighing station.

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